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You can, if you want to, invest more money by sending more letters instead of the recommended here, but it's up to you.  My name is C.R. Bosworth and I am a retiree. About a month ago, I received this program in the mail. It is 100% legal and legit. You can check out the interview with the IRS under the videos link.  I decided to try it once to see if it really worked as it claimed. To my astonishment, I received over $30,000 in cash in 2 weeks.  It does work. It works every time. Here are the basics about this program.

HUGE PROFITS:  You will receive at least $15,000 in CASH in 2 weeks. 

EASIEST:  Takes less than 1 hour, no personal contact with anyone. No Selling or Buying Anything.

FASTEST: Pays you off COMPLETELY in 2 weeks, not months, as with every other program out there.

CHEAPEST:  COSTS LESS THAN $30.00 TOTAL TO PARTICIPATE. This includes every single expense.

NO MAILING LIST TO BUY:  Of course, you can buy a prospect list, but for this purpose, you do not need the expense.   

You are wondering how this is possible, right? This program is the best thing I have ever seen to get a lot of cash very quickly and legally. There are only three levels with this program, not 6 or 12 like the others.  This allows you to receive all your money within 2 weeks, not months from now, just in time for next month's bills.  This 3 level program is more realistic and much faster because it's so easy. The response net is VERY HIGH AND VERY FAST.  All you have to do is mail out 20 copies of this letter to people who have sent you their program in the mail and any persons who send you those types of things in the mail.  Because they are believers, this program is BETTER AND FASTER than theirs so they are going to try it. Even if you are already in a different program, I would advise you to do this one too.  This program is so affordable and absolutely everyone can afford to participate. The most it will cost you is $30.00. It is simple and takes a very small amount of investment, not hundreds of dollars. It will pay you before any other program begins to trickle in. Here's what you need to do..........

1.) Give the person on #1 below a total of $20.  You do not have to send a bunch of people money, just one. Don't be afraid to give money to a complete stranger for it will always be returned to you ten-fold. That's all there is to it.  2.) Send out 20 letters.  All you have to do after you send the 20  letters and the $20 to the person in the #1 position is wait  2 weeks to start receiving. You will receive gifts from over 1000 persons just like you and me who are willing to invest $20 and 1 hour of their time to make it happen for them too. Download READY-PRINT Document by Clicking HERE.  Please do not make changes not mentioned here to the document or it will not work.  Honesty and Integrity are the Key Elements to make things happen for you too. Don't try to take shortcuts you  don't want hex yourself. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.


If everyone who receives this letter chose to participate then EVERYONE would receive at least $120,000 in cash in the next 2 weeks. This is our goal, 100% participation. We are currently at 60%, that is $25,450 in two weeks to you. Can you honestly think of one reason why you shouldn't join right now? It costs less than $30 to join, no further obligations and you receive thousands of $$$$ in just 2 weeks!  Surely, you can afford to donate $20 to one person in this country or any country for that matter to have thousands of others donate $20 to you.


Many people have paid cash for new cars, homes, education, vacations, or just to get out of debt with this program.  You can participate weekly if you want, but make sure that you follow the rules EXACTLY and HONESTLY to keep it legal. VERY IMPORTANT, every time you participate you have to send a $20 gift to the name in the #1 position, otherwise it is not legal.  You can use this letter over and over again as much as you like.


The following is a testimonial from someone who profited with this program and was able to change her life.  There are literally thousands, because all who participate will definitely profit from doing so. 

Hello, my name is Cathy O'Brian. I have participated in this program at least 20 times in the past year.  We were badly in debt, with 2 young children. We were paying our bills every month, but couldn't get ahead no matter how much we worked.  I received this letter in the mail and decided that it was definitely worth $30 to see if it really worked. I never joined any other program before. They were just too expensive and time consuming and I couldn't afford to spend over $100 on something that may or may not work.  I could, however, afford the $30 for this one, so I joined that very day. I sent $20 to the person in the #1 spot and spent $9.80 to copy and mail 20 letters.  I waited 2 weeks and received $18,000.  I paid some of my bills with that money. Than a month later, my car motor blew up and since our credit was already extended too far, I couldn't get a loan to get another car.  I chose to participate at that time once again.  Instead of sending out 20 letters, I called a mailing list company from one of the programs I had received  information on and got a list of MLM participants. It took me 2 days longer and I paid $35 for the list, but I really needed a car.  Two weeks after that I sent out 300 letters. I received over $150,000 in cash. If you are skeptical, that's normal. I  was too.  Just remember a couple of things. It only costs you $30 to see for yourself that it really works and you'll see in a couple of weeks. It will wash away any debts you had to begin with, I guarantee it.  Also, remember that gifting $20 to another person is a good thing. When you help others, you help yourself because it will be returned to you thousands of times over, and very quickly. It is worth your time and the $30 to participate in this program.  Do it and you will become a believer like the rest of us.   GOOD LUCK!   



1.  On a blank sheet of paper, write down your name and address and the word "GIFT" on it. Fold it around a $20 bill and send it to the person in the #1 position ONLY.  This is the most important step, because it makes the whole thing legal. If you skip this step, you are participating illegally and dishonestlyCLICK HERE for READY-PRINT COPY.


Position #1:        

                        D. Alejos
                        1808 N. 32nd St.
                        McAllen, TX 78501

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Position Position #2: 

                      Oddette Regisme
                      9500 S.W. 3rd. St. #0253
                      Boca Raton, Florida 33428       


Position #3:   

                           Your Information Here 


2.  Remove the name in the #1 position above and move the #2 up to the #1 position.  #2 becomes #1 and #3 becomes #2.  Put your name and address in the #3 position. so  after you send the payment and remove the person on #1 and move #2 up to #1, you become the person in the #2 position.   (Copy and paste this entire information page into a Word Document and make the changes or download the ready-made document by clicking HERE.

3.  Make 20 or more copies of this letter. Place them in stamped envelopes and seal them. Address these letters to people on the list of other programs you have received or people who you know will participate.  If you don't have any names, you can get a list of 300 names and addresses from PROTECH COMMUNICATIONS at 1-608-538-3737.     In a recent survey conducted by Vanguard Publishing, Raleigh, NC, they listed  PROTECH COMMUNICATIONS as the #1 source (per test results). It is proven to be responsive and it is recommended by American Mailing Service and many "Heavy Hitters" in MLM. You can also contact a list company of your own that you might know will bring you results and success.

 4.  Mail your letters right away.  That's it!  That's all you have to do. Now just wait 2 weeks and you will receive at least $15,000 in cash in the mail and it's all yours!!!!

Note:   On your entire investment of $20, you will receive $20 from thousands of people who want to participate. Your name will reach the #1 position next week, and it will be your turn to receive your gifts. Ask yourself if you have anything to lose.  The answer is no, everyone can afford to participate, especially since the returns are so high and  so fast.  Quit procrastinating and do it!!  Do it right now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  This program was designed for people like us, who aren't willing to invest hundreds in this type of program.  You don't have to invest a lot of money to get a huge return and this program is proof of that. This program will help you achieve your financial goals, no matter what they are. It will amaze you on how much you will get from total strangers who are willing to invest in YOU!  It is more reliable than the stock market, casinos, lotteries, sweepstakes, you name it.  Nothing is better or faster than this at getting you the money you want or need in two weeks.  Our return is so high because it is so easy and affordable. See for yourself, the most it will ever cost you is $30 if you wish to be conservative.  That's it, that's all. If you don't do it right now you will never know.  The sooner you join us, the sooner the financial worries will be a thing of the past.  I hope I have said something to kick-start your financial freedom.  I'm a hard-nosed attorney and I don't believe in coddling people who don't have the guts to help others.  GOOD LUCK!!



C.R. Bosworth                                                                                                                      Retired Attorney



Send Your Gift in the Following Order:

Position #1:

D. Alejos
1808 N. 32nd St.
McAllen, TX   78501
(956) 342-3245

Position #2

Oddette Regisme
9500 S.W. 3rd. St. #0253
Boca Raton, Florida  33428
(561) 674-6423

Position #3

Your Information Here

               IF YOU WANT WHAT YOU'VE NEVER                             HAD, YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO                             DO WHAT YOU'VE NEVER DONE!!                                                                                                         




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